We are a sports and fitness eCommerce business able to fulfill all your sports and fitness equipment and nutritional supplement needs. The eCommerce means we provide you with an easy way to procure the products. Our services offered safely and securely on this site for your convenience are:

This means you are able to pay for your goods via EFT and keep all your information safe and secure on your own device removing the possibility of access to your banking information.

Our courier will collect from one of our warehouses and deliver the products to the shipping address you provide. The courier software is loaded on the site, so you can track your parcels from collection to delivery.

Products you do not find on our site does not mean we cannot get it, we have so many suppliers we can source products from and we can supply you with anything your heart desires, try us now.

If you have a store and require products wholesale, contact us for the bulk purchase prices.

Yourfitstore Sports:

Your fit store has access to various overseas and local suppliers who supply summer and winter sports equipment. Whilst we have equipment on the site specific to the season we are able to source equipment for all seasons. Contact us now and request a quote for delivery to your door of the sports equipment you are looking for.

Yourfitstore Fitness:

Your fit store has access to various overseas and local suppliers who supply fitness equipment for various disciplines of fitness ranging from cardio and bodybuilding to pilates and yoga. We have endeavored to supply the general fitness needs on the site, however, if you have specific equipment not on our site, we will be more than happy to provide you with a quotation to deliver these items to your door.

Yourfitstore Nutrition:

As much as the brands we have on the site are specific to a need, almost all brands have a product supplying this need and if you have a specific product we don’t have on the site, contact us immediately and allow us to provide you with a quote delivered to your door. We have access to over 35 brands of products and will not be loading every product from every brand.

The objective of Your Fit Store is to provide you with the best tools to achieve your goals and win. We are a lifestyle store and support you with your objective of changing your lifestyle to a healthier you. We convert unhealthy individuals to healthy go getter who achieve life.

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